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Welcome, Women!

Welcome, Women!

Hair is important to women… it allows us to project a certain image of ourselves to the world.

Natural Hair Movement versus Straight Hair Movement

Within these two groups, there are a plethora of reasons for choosing to stay natural or go straight.


  • Some in the natural hair movement say "to be black is to be natural and we should not change and conform to the look of another race."
  • Others, choosing to stay natural proclaim, "If I straighten my hair, it will fall out." These are just two examples of the variety of reasons for choosing to go natural.


  • Some, in the straight hair movement say, “ I have to wear straight hair to maintain my professional appearance.”
  • Others, in the straight hair movement say, “I wear my hair straight because I don't like my hair natural!" as they cover their mouths saying, "Oops, did I say that out loud?"

Many black women are forced to make the choice: natural or straight? There seems to be an easy answer: just do what you want and you will be happy. Unfortunately, this state of blissfulness is short lived.

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